Hello & Welcome from Grammy’s Heart!

Well, hello everybody! So glad you stopped by. I hope you enjoy your visit. This week in the Z House we’ve been doing a bit of Spring Cleaning! UGH! But then it did get me thinking about storage ideas that aren’t just functional but decorative.

So, what did I do!? I made some. This week I am crazy; I’m releasing 3, yes THREE new patterns! The first is a trio of baskets made from scrap yarn. They are also stackable. You will find the Trio of Colorful Baskets has many uses.

I am releasing a kid friendly storage (well that’s a stretch) idea. Ollie the Octopus will make his debut this week as well. This adorable little stuffie has a secret. He hides things! To find out more, check out Ollie the Octopus!

On Friday be on the look out for pattern #3. Another basket, the Control for Those Remotes Best Basket will be released sometime on Friday. This basket is a lot different from the Trio Baskets. I’ll let you see for yourself.  ;-)

I’ve gotten some great offers this week from a few of my Affiliates that I’d like to pass along to you!

These are Affiliate Links. I may be compensated for any purchases you make. Thank you!:

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This is from one of my favorite “All things Sparkly” places!

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So, here’s to a wonderful week ahead! Be blessed, be safe and as always…​

Enjoy, with Love!