from Grammy’s Heart, with Love!

So glad you stopped by! There’s more goodness happening here this week. The patterns are almost ready to put back up; which is very exciting! AND, I am waiting to hear about some new affiliations. I only apply for/with companies that I would or have done business with myself.

This week’s theme is geared to the little guys in our lives. I have three sons…all grown with families of their own. With my husband and me having a blended family, we have 8 grandsons and 3 great-grandsons! Love them boys!! They are so much fun to be around.

What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails
That’s what little boys are made of !”

In celebration of the young men I will be releasing a blanket pattern mid week. Nope, not telling you anything more than…

  • It is a blanket
  • It combines my love of crochet with my joy of sewing
  • By changing up colors and another detail you can make it the heirloom for your little man/men in your life

I’m also working on a project album of some of my past work. I’m kind of happy about that. I did a lot of ‘cute stuff’ without the mind to have written it down! Yep, duh is right! At least I’ll be able to share them with you in an album.

Enjoy, with Love

~ Grammy

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