Blanketed In Beauty

Blanketed in Love! I love fall. The crispy air, the colors of the leaves, and most of all!?…BLANKET TIME! This past week I shared two very nice posts about blankets. One, a throw was using the Entrelac Tunisian method. My greatest find was at my parent’s house. I found some throws and afghans hiding in a […]

The History of Granny

Granny’s So ‘Hip’ At Being Square! Recently I was visiting with my mother and going through some of the OLD family pictures. As I reached into the back of a closet to pull out more, I found some beautiful heirloom granny square Afghans! IN. THE. BACK. of a closet! I deemed my mother unworthy to […]

Entrelac Tunisian Beauty

Enticing Entrelac~ Entrelac- the word itself sounds enticing. So enticing that I wanted to research and share its origins –  its meaning – even its history… I thought it would be a fun introduction to the blanket that I made (shown above). Determined, I set out on well planned journey! Yep, did my due diligence […]

Go Team, Go! Round-up

GO TEAM! It’s that time of year again… Going from summer to autumn (fall); and with that sports change too. GO TEAM! It doesn’t matter; Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…there’s a sport for every season and a season for every sport! I enjoy most sports. I may not understand them all, but I do like […]

We’ve Got the Victory!

A Victory For All! This is one versatile beanie! Male or female; young or old…everybody can wear this! The stitches used in this pattern give lots of texture to the piece. We’ve Got the Victory is easy to make; a couple of TV hours and it’s done! Ready to wear and ready to cheer your favorite […]

Winner’s Circle Cowl

And the Winner is…! YOU, or anyone that receives this fun Winner’s Circle Cowl! No matter what; win, place or show, we will all stand proud in the Winner’s Circle wearing this cowl. For that just oh so right accessory – Winner’s Circle Cowl is a quick, easy and versatile necessity! With scrap yarns on […]

Snowy Ski Mask

A Mask For Snowy Day Fun! A Ski Mask…just what my gran’son asked for! He said he needed one so he could play in the snow – said he didn’t want a scarf but a mask so he could eat the snow! How do you refuse an adorable 3 yo?! A Mask For Our Troops! When a group […]