Hello & Welcome to Designs from Grammy’s Heart!

Hello everybody!

Hello & Welcome to Designs from Grammy's HeartI’m so glad you stopped by. I do hope you enjoy your visit and will stick around for a while! Designs from Grammy’s Heart is filled with love and lots of good things to explore. If you have time, check out some of the sub menu features. There’s plenty to read!

I heard a rumor the  other day. Ok, it wasn’t a rumor, it was a commercial!  😉 Shark week begins July 5th!

Yeah, yeah…shark week, meh. Better than that…Christmas in July ~ Hanukkah in the Heat. And it begins July 6th! You can preview the designers that are gathering together to bring you some great gift giving  merchandise made with our own two hands. There will also be ideas for homemade gifts for you to make and give! The designers are all listed in the sidebar. Want a sneak peek of next week’s events!? Yes? Well then, just click the graphic below. I hope you’ll like what you see!

Christmas in July~Hanukkah in the Heat Special Event @ Designs from Grammy's Heart & More!

The DfGH’s Facebook Page is still a work in progress. I have lots planned, including the name change. It should be lots of fun for all of us when everything goes into effect. At least that’s my desire…so stay tuned as a new look gets revealed!

So, here’s to a wonderful week ahead! Try to say hello to someone new. Be blessed, be safe and as always…​

Enjoy, with Love!

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