Pattern Piracy Pledge

I am pleased to be able to share this article by Pia Thadani of Stitches ‘n’ Scraps We all know it’s wrong to walk into a store and steal a candy bar, or to go into our neighbor’s garage and take their tools without permission. These are obvious examples of stealing, where we’re taking something […]

Elephant Applique [Blanket]

Awhile back I was playing around with Grannies…squares, hexagons, even rectangles. I found the rectangle pattern at Yarn Tomato.   I put these two together and then began working around them. THEN; I stopped! I got busy with a project and just set it aside. That is until last night. Our 2 yo gran’prince is staying with […]

Elphie Elephant

This little cutie is an adaptation of the Elephant pattern from the Noah’s Ark Set. He got his name from his new caregiver; our 2 yo gran’prince! He LOVES elephants so I just had to do this (with the added bonus of testing the Noah’s Elephant). I made him kinda squishy and floppy so the ‘little […]

Pretty Pink Fedora

So, I had this beautiful (in my opinion) bulky yarn AND a gorgeous hat band laying around. I thought that they would make a beautiful hat. I began looking around for patterns and couldn’t find what I was looking for. I wanted a Fedora look…sooo!? I created my own. I love sharing and hope you will enjoy […]

Simply Basic Hat

They may look very different but every one of these hats have one very basic thing in common! They are all made using this Simply Basic Hat Pattern. I really enjoy making character hats for my gran’people. I created this hat pattern as my base for these hats. Patterns for the characters will be available soon. […]

Pillow Fight!

Pillow Fight…which is your favorite?! Each one is special as they are for loved ones. Three of them are for our gran’darlings room in our home. The purple and teal beauty is a floor pillow that will make itself at home with one of my cousins. The quilt pattern is one that I made for my […]

Tessie Bear

This adorable little creation was made with love back in 2008. She is jointed so her arms and legs move for posing. I created her for our youngest grandgirl’s first birthday. Tessie Bear fit quite well into the Going to Grammy & Grandaddy’s suitcase set we were creating for her. READ MORE…