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Hello & Welcome; from Grammy’s Heart!

Hello everybody, so glad you stopped by. I hope you enjoy your visit! This week’s Tips & Techniques comes from Grammy’s Guest Blogger, Katy Petersen.

Size It Right For You from Grammy's HeartRecently I took a pattern grading class taught by one of my Ladies of InspirationKim Guzman. As a designer it was quite helpful to me. I want to be able to offer multiple size garments to viewers. As a person that LOVES numbers, I was intrigued by the math used! I just loved the whole thought process! An added bonus was that I got to learn a bit more of how to use the Microsoft Excel program. If you ever get the chance to take her class, do it!

However, there are times that me the crocheter just wants to crochet. When I chose a pattern to follow I always test gauge AND size. I know my measurements; which is a big help. When shopping at a store a medium size is pretty much the same wherever you go. That was my biggest mistake when I first started crocheting clothing. I thought, medium was medium, was medium! WRONG! Crochet sizes can vary from designer to designer as well as from country to country.

Every designer that I have come across has the measurements right there in their pattern. Pay attention! It really is necessary.  ;-) Most designers will follow the Crafty Yarn Council Standards when creating garments. Some, do not.

I would like to introduce you to my guest blogger, Katy from KT and the Squid. Katy has written an easy guide for choosing the right size for you to crochet or knit. So, head on over to Katy’s for an enjoyable visit. You will find her article, Crocheting/Knitting a Sweater: How to Choose the Right Size for YOU by clicking HERE! I hope you are amazed how easy it is to make garments fit you!


So, here’s to a wonderful week ahead! Be blessed, be safe and as always…​

Enjoy, with Love!

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